Information and resource sharing – this is a general list of links and resources your might be interested in. Please share anything useful that comes your way.

See this page for information on my upcoming workshops.

These maps  show which organizations are doing what where and the links all work this week the Cabinet Office, Volunteer Coordination Unit
launched it s English website daily bulletin board for several of the affected towns/cities. maps of Tohoku with useful info this site has some interesting and useful maps showing which organizations are active where, which roads are open, damage etc. if you have more information – please contact them! They are working with UNDAC but also hoping to work with others as well.

You can also help MapAction be up to date by sending them information on who is doing what where:

Information, data and links:

Some useful links

Preliminary assessment: North East Japan 2011

Pscho-social support available
At this time many people here in Japan are suffering and need someone to talk to, and TELL and いのちの電話 are here to help! TELL (Tokyo English Life Line) is providing information and support for the English speaking community across Japan. This new page they have added has links, data and other resources helpful for people here and those overseas who are concerned about their relatives in Japan and

Information about who is doing what in Tohoku – Japan Platform (JPF) is taking action for emergency assistance for the victims of North-East Japan earthquake and tsunami that occurred on 3/11/2011. JPF is an international emergency humanitarian aid organization made up of a consortium of 32 Japanese NGOs, the business community, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

STRESS-REDUCING TECHNIQUES : Need to talk? TELL is here to listen: 03-5774-0992

いのちの電話 For anyone in need of support in Japan, please visit to find the nearest Life Line service. いのちの電話では、自死遺族への支援活動を行っております。 一般社団法人 日本いのちの電話連盟へのお問い合わせは、 TEL:03-3263-6165、 FAX:03-3511-7508 まで上記電話番号は事務受付専用です。 電話相談全国いのちの電話からお願いします。

Please limit your electricity consumption
We need people in unaffected areas in Japan to also limit electricity consumption. One way we can all help out, directly and immediately… Please limit electricity consumption.

Please share this information far and wide – translation services available!
English/Chinese/Korean/Portuguese/Spanish [FREE]
Over-the-phone Translation Service Available
TEL: 05058147230-
9am-6pm(all 5 languages)
Bricks Corp. Inc.
*For non-Japanese speakers when a Japanese speaker next to them.
英语/中文/韩语/葡萄牙语/西班牙语 我们开始提供灾难免费电话翻译服务。 05058147230->9:00-18:00/全语言 18:00-9:00/英中韓対応 株式会社 BRICKS
영·중·한·폴·스페 재해 무료 전화 통역 서비스를 개시했습니다
05058147230->9: 00-18: 00/전언어18:00-9: 00/영중한 대응
(주) 브릭스
※일본인이 곁에 있는 상태에서 전화 전달로 통화하는 전화 통역 서비스입니다.
Ing, Cn, Kor, Port, Esp Serviço Grátis de Intérprete
05058147230->9:00-18:00/Todos os idiomas 18:00-9:00/ Ing, Cn, e Kor
Brick’s Corp
*Para quem pode se revesar ao tel

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) has many useful links
TELL is getting calls to the line from people looking for relatives and friends in affected areas. TELL has been updating the website regularly and have gathered resources providing information or help.
Please pass along to anyone that may need it.
“Need to talk?–We’re here to listen!” TELL Life Line: 03-5774-0992
“Need an English speaking doctor, lawyer, counselor…? Try Wiki-TELL:

Sendai hotline information for NonJapanese
According to NHK They have a hotline with information in English Chinese and a few other languages:

Community internet radios are airing updates in several languages.
* ***** multilingual broadcasting websites ******

During Emergencies: ENGLISH and other language news in Japan
– NHK Radio English News **# 693 (Kanto area)
* Everyday from 2p.m.-2:15p.m. and 23:00p.m. to 11:15 p.m.

B)Online base(mainly from PC)
-NHK English news(web):

– NHK RADIO (online): English, French, Arabic,etc (17 languages)

Helping animals
Those wanting to help animals in the wake of this disaster can join this Facebook group => Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

Radiation levels:
More on helping

General information and notes
I thought it would be good to share part of this blog …
“A few friends of mine have suggested coming to Japan to pitch in with the recovery efforts. I appreciate your willingness to brave the radiological dangers of international travel on our behalf, but that plan has little upside to it: when you get here, you’re going to be
a) illiterate
b) unable to understand instructions and
c) a productivity drag on people who are quite capable of dealing with this but will instead have to play Babysit The Foreigner. If you’re feeling compassionate and want to do something for the sake of doing something, find a charity in your neighborhood. Give it money. Tell them you were motivated to by Japan’s current predicament. You’ll be happy, Japan will recover quickly, and your local charity will appreciate your kindness.
On behalf of myself and the other folks in our community, thank you for your kindness and support.”

Charity Navigator tips for donations
Charity Navigator is a useful resource. An independent charity evaluator in the USA, they aim to promote a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace. By evaluating the financial status of 5,400+ of America’s largest charities Charity Navigator helps gives donors access to info they can use for deciding where and how to give.

They have 6 useful tips for anyone thinking a bit about how and who to give to:

* Seek out charities with capable leaders that are reasonably paid:
* Look for financially strong charities:
* Investigate the charity’s outcomes:
* Check for evidence of questionable ethical practices:
* Consider gifts to human services charities:
* Trust your charity:
Besides explaining these points in more details they also offer resources for getting more information. no one wants to see their contributions go to waste!

Using the Disaster Message Boards:
Source: AITEN mailing list
The Mobile Carriers in Japan allow the messages to be checked via the internet, meaning that international residents can log in to scan the messages, also.

[[[[[[[voice msg]]]]]]]]]
***How to Leave a Message (DIAL 171 but only in JPN so FOLLOW BELOW
NTT (Japanese only, only checkable within Japan and for use with a
touch-tone phone)
NTT offers trial usage of the system on the first of every month,
excepting January.
1. Dial 171
2. Select 1
– If instead of 1 you select 3, you can also choose a PIN to secure
your message.
However, this PIN will be required by ANYBODY wishing to check to see
if you have left
a message. If you haven’t pre-told your family/friends/employers the
PIN, they will not
be able to access your information.
3. Enter your own phone number.
4. Dial 1 #
5. Wait for the prompt and record a message of up to 30 seconds in length.
6. Dial 9# to end your message.
7. Your message will be replayed to you – if you wish to re-record, dial 8#.
8. If satisfied with your message and dial 8# is not dialed, a prompt
will indicate that your
message has been saved.

[[[[[[ POST text message-DOCOMO/SOFTBANK/AU]]]]
How to Post a Message
1. Select the i-mode icon from your main menu.
2. Select i-menu (number 1) from the i-mode menu.
3. Click on the Disaster Message Board icon.
4. Press ‘register message’.
5. Select/enter your message (text).
6. Confirm message by pressing ‘register’.
7. You will know your post has been successful when the confirmation
message appears.
How to Check Messages on Disaster Message Board
1. Select i-mode icon.
2. Select i-menu.
3. Choose Disaster Message Board.
4. Press Confirm Message.
5. Enter the phone number (Docomo only) of the person you are searching for.
6. Select message.

(many thanks to their English website –
How to Post a Message
Choose “Disaster Message Board” from the Yahoo! Keitai Top menu.
Choose “Register” from the Disaster Message Board top menu.
From the four selections shown, choose the status that describes your
current condition. You
can also enter a message containing up to 100 double-byte characters.
After you have finished
composing the message, select “Register.”
The message has been posted.
Select “Send” to deliver the automatic mail notifications to the
addresses you have specified.
How to Check Messages on Disaster Message Board
1. Choose Disaster Message Board from top menu.
2. Choose confirm from the Disaster Message Board top menu.
3. Enter the Softbank Mobile Number of a person you want to know the
condition of then select
If you enter the number of other carriers you will be forwarded to
that carrier’s disaster
message board.
4. Choose a message.Notes for Softbank Users
* Can be accessed from computers, message confirmation can be accessed
also from overseas
* Up to ten messages can be registered by a user. Any message beyond
ten will replace the
* Only e-mail service subscribers will receive reply messages to Auto
Notify-sent messages
[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[AU ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
How to Post Messages on Disaster Message Board
1. Enter Ezweb menu.
2. Select Disaster Message Board.
3. Choose Registration.
4. Enter message or choose from list.
5. Press register.
How to Check Messages on Disaster Message Board.
1. Enter Ezweb menu.
2. Select Disaster Message Board.
3. Choose Confirm Message.
4. Enter the number of the person whom you wish to check on (ezweb
numbers only).
5. Select from messages.
6. Message will be displayed


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