Supporting Hurricane Irma Survivors


Local volunteers in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Florida can register on the website of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

Volunteer Florida: The state-based group is accepting volunteers and donations. Learn more here.

Localised organizations:

Convoy of Hope: The hunger-focused group is sending meals to Haiti

South Florida Wildlife Center: The group is centering its efforts on animals affected by the storm. Give here.

ConPRmetidos: A Puerto Rica-based organization, focused on public-private partnership, is aiming to raise $150,000 for relief and recovery. Help out by giving here.

My Brother’s Workshop is a non-profit Virgin Islands charitable corporation. It has been organized to provide hope, faith, and purpose to at-risk and high-risk young people in the USVI

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies – A new organization is taking on the challenge of getting help to people with disabilities during disaster relief. You can donate here.

The Right to the City coalition stressed that “as devastating as these natural disasters are, the greatest devastation is man made.” The organization has several suggestions for how to help, including sending contributions to the Miami Workers Center and donations to the Community Recovery Fund.

Best Friends Animal Society – a national animal welfare organization has a page dedicated to locating and reporting missing pets and providing resources to pet owners in Irma-affected areas.  Donate  or volunteer to help with their pet rescue efforts.

Larger international organizations:

Mercy Corps –concerned primarily with providing humanitarian aid to the people of Haiti and helping them recover before the country’s most vital harvest season later in the fall. Donate to Mercy Corps’s Humanitarian Response Fund to support their disaster response work.

Oxfam: The nonprofit is focusing its efforts on the Caribbean islands that were devastated by Irma. You can give here.

Americares – a nonprofit focused on medicine and health is seeking to provide emergency medical supplies and other basic resources to first responders and others donate here

Save the Children  is working to provide relief in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, as well as in areas affected in the U.S. Donate online here.

Shelter Box By providing emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster, we’re transforming despair into hope.

International Medical Corps provides emergency relief to those struck by disaster, no matter where they are, no matter what the conditions, working with them to recover, rebuild and gain the skills and tools required for self-reliance. donate here

Direct relief  – a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. Donation form

Intermediary Organizations that vet implementing agencies

Public Good – You can give to many different vetted groups on this platform – note that most are large international groups Campaign for Irma with CNN

GlobalGiving’s Irma Relief Fund is accepting donations here.

The Direct Impact Fund, a nonprofit that distributes money to smaller campaigns within the United States and its territories.

Donate blood: OneBlood, in Florida, is urging people living outside of Hurricane Irma’s path to visit their local blood center and donate blood as soon as possible. All blood types are needed, however, there is an urgent need for platelet donations as well as O negative blood.
Offer a place to stay: If you have housing available for evacuees, you can create a listing on Airbnb’s Irma page.
HomeAway is offering free or discounted rental homes for anyone displaced by the storm. All service fees are waived for those affected by the disaster and checking in between September 11 and October 15.

Other things you can do

from the DOUBLE THE DONATION article

8 Ways to Donate to and Raise Money for Hurricane Irma Victims and Relief Efforts

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Japanese NGOs active in the Nepal relief efforts

Organization name and websites followed by bank transfer information for donations

●難民を助ける会 AAR Japan
●ピース ウィンズ・ジャパン Peace Winds Japan
●ワールド・ビジョン・ジャパン World vision Japan
●ジャパンプラットフォーム Japan platform
●アジア協会アジア友の会 JAFS
●チャイルドファンドジャパン Child Fund Japan
●シャンティ国際ボランティア会 SVA – Shanti Volunteer association

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Everyone has a role to play 3 – the Philippines

donate to Japanese NGOs doing relief and recovery work

●ピース ウィンズ・ジャパン
●社団法人 セーブ・ザ・チルドレン・ジャパン
●NPO法人 アドラ・ジャパン(ADRA Japan)
口座番号:  00290-2-34169
加入者名:  (特活)ADRA Japan
通信欄:  ※「フィリピン台風」と明記
口座番号 00140-6-361805
口座名 公益社団法人Civic Force
●公益財団法人 ケア・インターナショナル ジャパン
口座番号  00150-4-49006
口座名 公益財団法人 ケア・インターナショナル ジャパン
●一般財団法人 日本国際飢餓対策機構

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Everyone has a role to play – take 2!

Sandy – a mega storm that recently hit those living in the Carib and NE Atlantic coastal areas of the US. You cna help them too.

On these sites and blogs you can find a lot of information of how to help those in need:

* useful local NYC info 

* getting help in NJ

How to apply for assistance

For those of you in need in need of assistance: 1-800-621-FEMA or the mobile app

SHELTERS – To find the nearest shelter visit


emergency volunteer hotline-  call  1-800-537-7397 or 609-775-5236 and 908-303-0471.

to do manual labor –  sign up at

Other volunteer opportunities are available through volunteer site, which lists numerous locations across the state where volunteers are needed

The Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund has been established to raise funds and resources to help New Jersey families impacted by the devastation of the storm. Donations can be be online at or mail checks to Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, PO Box 95, Mendham NJ 07945-0095. For more information e-mail:


volunteers – sign up online with New York Cares,

For people everywhere

To donate supplies, Feeding America  is collecting  food, water, and other goods to send to those in need after Sandy.

Newark’s Covenant House is caring for children evacuated from Atlantic City. It needs supplies (fuel, groceries, clothes, diapers) or donations. To assist, e-mail

To help the pets affected by the hurricane, reach out the Humane Society which is raising funds for animal rescue

To help those outside the US:

more than 70 people have died in the Caribbean many in Haiti.  Operation USA and the International Medical Corps are helping people affected by Sandy in Haiti and Cuba. Operation USA is also providing aid to the East Coast.

More info coming soon!

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Everyone has a role to play!

There are many things you can do to make a difference.

It’s is almost 1 year since the multiple disasters of March 2011 and a few months since i updated this site. Many things have changed, but while we need to focus on recovery and long term development, there is also a need to tackle the immediate issues of snow removal and winterization of the intermediary homes.

Please share any information you have via the comment box below! Keep sharing this link with friends in Japan and overseas .  We all can do something to help as our efforts will be need for a long while.

Please refer to my regular blog for more general community, societal nonprofit NGO  notes and comments I will be adding some useful sites to the site bar.

The pages on this site are more for giving advice and sharing tips  on how you can have an impact:

General information on what you can do now, where you are

Donor Tips: things to know when giving

Donations needed – monetary donations from overseas

Donations needed – monetary donations from within Japan

Materials needed and things you can donate

Volunteer services needed

Volunteer Tips

Related Events, fundraisers etc.

Information and resource sharing

Things to beware of or avoid

Organizations doing good things

You are instrumental for our rebuilding and recovery.  Please join or give as you can, where you can.


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