Grant writing advice

Fdn center’s short course on proposal writing

Writing a Grant proposal

Proposal writing

Business plan writing

Some examples of proposals
sample business plans

For the LOI or project introduction
– bullet points or paragraph style is fine
– 3 pages should be enough but let me give you some tips about that.
* the background info – no need to go intro great details about the disaster overall – just a paragraph about the specific problem your project will solve (the people in the US office know there was a M9 EQ on March 11, 2011 and that we have an aging population issue)
* for Goals – focus  on 1 or 2
* impacts and outputs – you can more than 1 or 2 here but try to have a few that are quantifable and/or concrete things that can be monitored
* be sure to include a few lines showing that your have spoken to local people and that you are already embedded in the community.
* the budget can be rough estimates
* photos – you can add a few – but right now there is no need to make a big pr package.

Step 1 – introductory project description


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